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Escapade Library

Escapade is a lending library exclusively for children and teens. It is a fantasy-pad for your child, first of its kind in Trichy. We stand by our name to guarantee your child’s escape into his/her world of fascination through books, toys, movies, games and much more .Escapade is a den that holds a whole new world for toddlers to teens.

Our main objective is to inculcate the habit of reading in as many kids as possible and to reach out to the young parents in helping them to spend a quality time with their precious little ones, entertaining as well as educating them. Every parent would want to give their child the best of everything but today’s inflating economy makes it hard for them to do so. So here we are to give the chance for the lovely parents to give their loveliest little ones with a new toy /book/CD ROM every week by lending them.

Escapade Edutainment Centre

A student is a bundle of innate urges or drives. It is natural for him/her to be curious, to show off, to master, and to leisure. The activities at our edutainment centre provide valuable opportunities in which these drives may be capitalized for educational and emotional benefit of our children. These activities meet the psychological needs of the students as well, mainly with reference to social demands of the children. They help in expressing personal behavior and provide a vehicle for creative thinking. These activities are a means of channelizing students' instincts into healthy and fruitful channels.

We provide the following activities:

  • Global Art drawing program
  • Money Champ - Money management program
  • Chess
  • Evolution - Skill development program
  • Spoken English
  • Story Telling
  • Hand Writing
  • Club Activities
  • Reading Readiness Program