About - Escapade Library
  1. How do I become a Member?

              You have to fill your details in the register page. We will activate your account as soon as possible. If a mobile phone number is provided an SMS will be sent confirming the activation, an email will also be sent to the provided email id. After this you can sign in using the phone no and password you provided.

  2. How do I select books I want?

              Once your account is active, you can login to your account and go to "Browse " menu and select the appropriate category. You will notice the link "ADD TO WISH LIST" under each book. Click on that and you will see "Added" text. Click of a button!! Simple as that.

  3. I can't find the books I want?

              Please email us the books that you want us to purchase. We will evaluvate and buy if necessary.

  4. I forgot my password, what should I do?

              You can reset your password by clicking on the Login button and then forgot password link. Here you will have to enter the email id and phone number that you have used when registering. You will get an email with a link and instructions to reset the password.

  5. I have not completed all the books in a month, now what do I do?

              You can extend the books (by paying the monthly subscription fees) for another month and get new books for the completed ones. For example if you have taken 5 books plan and completed 3 books after one month, you can retain the 2 books you want and take 3 more books by paying the monthly fee.

  6. What happens if the books are damaged?

             Since you are here we know that you love reading and hope that you will help your children learn the importance of cherishing books. Accidents can happen and in case they do you can reach us through phone or  at info@escapadelibrary.in to let us know. We will assess the damage and get back to you on the cost.

  7. How long can I keep the books?

              One month. If there are certain books that your child enjoys and you wish to extend it then do give us a call at 9791810352 or email us and we will extend the books. There is no late fees or due dates as long as you pay the monthly membership fees.

  8. How do I cancel my membership?

              You can cancel your membership by sending us an email to our id or through the contact us page. After we receive any pending books back from you we will refund your security deposit less any dues. If the subscription is cancelled halfway through a month then fees cannot be refunded for the remaining period.

  9. When will I get the refundable deposit back?

              If you cancel your membership we will refund the deposit through your bank after receiving the materials back from you. We will check for damage, if there are any damage, then the deposit will be refunded only after assessing the damage which usually take one or two days. after which will take a weeks time.